April 15, 2014

I have been setting up some new 4 week Meditation Courses in Winterthur recently and have been very excited about this. However over the the last year with setting up my own business, I have learnt that excitement and passion does not necessarily mean that people will come along to your events. I naively assumed that everyone would be as excited as I am about what I do! So often it’s about patience, building up a network and then allowing the power of word of mouth to do what it does best.

This is quite hard for me. I like to be in control and manage things at my own pace. Of course I am learning (yet again) that life has other plans and lessons in store for me. So slowly I am building up my network and sharing what I do with others. I realise that this can’t be pushed and that being recognised takes its own time, a different time scale from the one I usually operate on. Going with the flow is becoming a term I am getting familiar with as I learn to step back, observe my mind with all its attachments to getting things done efficiently and as quickly as possible, and just accept that things will move along at their own pace. 

Setting up my wellbeing practise in Switzerland has been a fantastic practise in letting go of expectations and not getting caught up with ideals of how I want things to be. So many times I have had the conversation with others (sometimes in very bad German on my part) about my progress, and the conclusion has always ended with “du musst geduldig sein”  (you have to be patient – for the non German speakers out there). So I am practising patience and I am observing my impatience as it rises and falls. Then I do my best to let go, to reassure myself that I am doing all I can and to trust that, with time, my courses will attract people and I will appreciate them all the more when they appear.

Mindfulness Meditation course Bella

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