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Whether your focus is decreasing stress, improving mood, changing negative patterns, increasing creativity, or feeling calmer – you’ll find help here. Combining knowledge from psychotherapy and mindfulness meditation, beingwell in life offers individual therapy or mindfulness courses to help you understand and approach your problems differently. Beingwell at work provides workshops and courses combining emotional intelligence and mindfulness techniques. So make an ally of your mind, and let’s work together to develop a more positive and healthy view of life.

“Life is not about merely being alive, but being well”  Martial, 66AD, Epigrams.


My background

IMG_2186I am a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist working in private practise in Switzerland and consulting in the UK. I have over ten years of experience in the field of mental health, and have worked in both public and voluntary sectors across various fields. I am specialised in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders.

I am also a Mindfulness teacher and have been teaching courses within an NHS (National Health Service) setting for three years for stress reduction and managing low mood. I first learned of Mindfulness meditation over fifteen years ago and have been practising it ever since attending a number of retreats and enjoying its simplicity and wide reaching benefits.

What is stress? What is wellbeing?

We have a lot to manage in our daily frenetic lives and it can be a struggle to juggle the variety of needs from family, work, relationships and social life.  When the mind feels scattered and unstable then a sense of wellbeing is hard to maintain.  Wear and tear on the mind and body result in us losing touch with our own resources. Stress, worry, anxiety, low mood and burnout can impact on our physical, psychological and emotional health.

Mindfull or mindful

Wellbeing is about fully understanding the relationship between mind and body enabling you to nourish and strengthen your sense of self. When we have a sense of wholeness we can manage both demanding and stressful times without feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope. Beingwell gives you a chance to explore what wellbeing means to you. It helps you get back on track with a variety of simple mindfulness and cognitive behavioural techniques and strategies.

How I can help individuals

We all need different things to get the right balance and know what being well and living well feels like. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness Based treatments are two complementary approaches I offer. These help you to engage with and develop a positive relationship to your own wellbeing. So please take some time to look around the website and if you want to explore these ideas in more depth then get in touch to arrange an initial appointment.



How I can help organisations and teams

In many organisations workers are running on overdrive, leaving teams with a heavy burden of absenteeism from stress, illness, exhaustion and burnout. Beingwell offers a solution to this by helping employees and managers to look after themselves as well as their workloads.

Beingwell workshops and courses provide an opportunity to learn some simple and highly effective meditation techniques and improve emotional intelligence. So help your team get back on track and feel happier, calmer and develop ways to beat stress and improve their overall wellbeing. For further details of courses and workshops on offer please click here.


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